Vocabulary Exercise: Compound nouns - Clothing

Check out our vocabulary page on clothes and shoes, then try the exercise below!

Level: Elementary and above

1. If it's raining outside, wear a rain __ .
2. For formal events, men often wear a jacket and __
3. When men go swimming in the sea, they wear swimming __
4. When you play sport you can wear a __ suit.
5. When you want to dress casually you can wear jeans and a __shirt.
6. To play football, you also need a pair of football __
7. When women go to a formal event, they can wear an evening __
8. When you get out of bed in a winter morning, put a __ gown on over your pyjamas so you don't feel cold.
9. When it's bright weather, you might need to wear a pair of sun__
10. Do you wear a __ ring?