Hi there! I’m Clare, the founder of english-at-home.com.

You’re in the right place to learn English for school, work or for pleasure! I’ve taught English for more than 20 years in different countries around the world – and I’m also the author of more than SIX English-learning books. More than 150,000 people learn English with me every month – and I can help you too!

Want to speak English fluently? Get 10 essential phrases!

These fluency phrases help you to have easy, natural conversations in English. You can use them again and again in different situations. Get them NOW!

Speak English Confidently and Fluently!

What’s the secret for speaking English more fluently?

… Get the automatic phrases that native speakers use all the time!

These phrases help you build conversations easily. They help you

  • speak fluently (you don’t need to spend time thinking about the right word)
  • speak naturally (native speakers use these expressions all the time)

In my fluency programs, I share the most common automatic phrases to use in TEN everyday situations. When you use these phrases, you can take part in conversations.

Get the complete set of materials:

  • downloadable videos
  • audio conversations (copy my British English accent!)
  • text and PDF (full explanations and quick quizzes)
  • AND a private 30-minute lesson with me.

An easier way to speak English more fluently.

WelcomeHow To Speak Real English Program
Increase your speaking fluency and confidence in 10 everyday situations. Includes a personal lesson.
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WelcomeReal English Conversations Program
More advanced vocabulary & phrases to take part in English conversations naturally and confidently. Includes a personal lesson.
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