Learn 10 Telephoning Phrasal Verbs

Check out my video on telephoning phrasal verbs, then check your knowledge with this quiz!

Level: Pre-intermediate and above

1. You can't hear the other person on the phone. So you say: ''You're a bit faint. Can you __ ?''
2. You don't have much money on your mobile phone. You say to the other person, ''Could you __ please?''
3. The phone is ringing, but you're busy. You say to another person in the room, ''Could you __ the phone please?''
4. You want to buy tickets for a popular concert, but the phone keeps ringing and ringing. You say ''I just can't __''
5. Just before you go in to the exam room, the examiner says to you: ''Please __ your phone.''
6. Someone phones you and asks for some information. You need to find the information, so you say ''__ I'll just get the information for you.''
7. You're having an argument with someone on the phone, and then the phone suddenly goes dead. You say ''I don't believe it! He __ me!''
8. Someone wants to speak to your colleague, but you can see that she's in a meeting with the boss. You say ''I'm sorry but she's __ in a meeting at the moment.''
9. You phone a company and you want to speak to the customer service department. You say ''Can you __ the customer service department, please?''
10. You're talking on the phone, and it suddenly goes dead. You phone the other person again and you say ''I think we were just __''

Here’s the telephoning phrasal verbs video for you!

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