Speaking Exercise: Complaining at a hotel

What can you say if you have a problem with your hotel room? Check out essential hotel vocabulary on our page on booking a hotel room, then try the quiz below! You can also read suggestions for what to say to the hotel manager for each complaint

Level: Elementary and above

1. Excuse me, but the bathroom is __

2. Excuse me. The light seems to be __
3. Excuse me. The air conditioning is too __
4. I'm sorry to bother you, but the batteries in the TV remote control are __
5. Excuse me. My room is very __ because of the traffic outside.
6. Excuse me! There's an __ smell in my room. I think it's cigarette smoke.
7. Excuse me. The sheets haven't been __
8. Sorry to bother you, but the wifi is very __
9. Excuse me. My key card __
10. Excuse me. I think there's a mistake with my bill. I've been __ for breakfast.

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