Speaking Exercise: Agreeing and disagreeing

Check out our speaking page on agreeing with people, then try the quiz below!

Level: Elementary and above

1. Your friend says, ''Lets go out tonight'' and you think it's a good idea. You say:
2. Your friend asks, ''What about getting a pizza tonight?'' You think it's a good idea and say:
3. You and a friend want to buy a birthday present for another friend. You suggest buying tickets for a concert then ask your friend :
4. Someone says, ''It's cold today'' and you agree. You say:
5. Your friend is talking about a film you both saw and says it was fantastic. You agree and say:
6. Someone says something you completely agree with. You say:
7. Someone says that your home football team will win their next match. You don't really agree and say:
8. You are discussing politics with a friend and they say something that you ''half'' agree with. You say:
9. Someone says something you disagree with. You say:
10. You know that you and your friend will never agree about something! You say:

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