Phone Collocations in English

We have lots of collocations and fixed expressions for making phone calls in English. In this quiz, choose the correct word to form common phone collocations.

Level: Pre-intermediate and above

1. Don't disturb her. She's __ the phone.
2. I have to __ a lot of phone calls in my job.
3. I'll __ you a call tomorrow!
4. Can you __ the phone, please?
5. Please __ the line.
6. I asked him to __ a message.
7. I'm sorry, but the line is __
8. Every time I try to call, I get __ signal.
9. I think there's something wrong with my phone. When I pick up the receiver, I don't get a dialling __
10. I think the restaurant is closed. Every time I call I get a recorded __
11. I phoned the number I was given, but a man told me I had the __ number.
12. If you don't know the phone number you can look it up in the phone __
13. I asked the hotel reception to organise __ call in the morning.
14. Do you have a __ line in your house?
15. His phone has been __ because he didn't pay the phone bill.
16. I wanted to talk about the problem, but she told me it was too sensitive to discuss __ the phone.
17. For more help, you can call the __
18. My phone is almost out of juice. Can I __ it here?
19. She has a special telephone __ for when she speaks on the phone.
20. I keep trying his number, but I think his phone is off the __

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