Grammar Exercise: Prepositions and adjectives

How good are your prepositions? Check out our page on Prepositions and adjectives then try the twenty questions below!

(Not all of these adjective and preposition combinations are on the grammar page.)

Level: Elementary and above

1. When he finds out, he'll be angry __ you.
2. At school I was good __ Maths and Science.
3. She was really pleased __ her present.
4. Congratulations on passing your driving test! I'm really pleased __ you!
5. People in this town are angry __ the new road. They think it will be noisy and dangerous.
6. In my job I'm responsible __ health and safety.
7. I'm happy __ do whatever you want!
8. I'm bored __ studying. Let's go out!
9. She's polite __ everyone she meets.
10. I'm different __ you. I don't like hot weather.
11. He's afraid __ dogs.
12. After all her hard work, Sue was ready __ a holiday.
13. That's so typical __ him to ask you to pay. He's really mean with money.
14. She's crazy __ music. She listens to it all the time.
15. I'm exhausted __ all that shopping. I need to sit down and have a cup of tea.
16. When he was small, he was scared __ the dark.
17. I was surprised _ her suggestion.
18. He's keen __ art and architecture.
19. Are you interested __ sport?
20. Are you familiar __ Excel?

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