Grammar Exercise: Been or Gone?

The past participle of the verb “to go” can be either “been” or “gone”. If a person has returned from a place we use “been”, but if the person is still absent, we use “gone”. Check your understanding in the quiz below!

Level: Pre-intermediate

1. I've never __ to the USA, but I'd love to go!
2. A: ''Where's Steve?''
B: ''Oh, he's __ out. He'll be back later.''
3. A: ''I'm thinking of going to Portugal next year.''
B: ''Oh really? I've __ there - it's great!''
4. Your boss / teacher asks you why you're late. You say: ''I've just __ to the doctor.''
5. You phone a friend at work. The other person says, ''I'm sorry, but (X) has __ for the day.''
6. You decide to go shopping and you leave a note at home for your mother. You write, ''__ shopping. Be back later.''
7. When you return home, your mother still isn't there. You decide to throw away the first note but leave her another note. You write: ''__ shopping and bought eggs and milk. See you later!''
8. Your friend asks you about a new shopping centre. You say, ''Oh yeah - I've __ there a couple of times.''
9. You realise that a co-worker hasn't been in the office this week. You ask someone about your co-worker and he / she replies: ''Oh, (X) has __ on holiday.''
10. Your co-worker returns and looks suntanned. You say, ''I can see you've __ on holiday!''

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