Grammar Exercise: Some, Any, No, A

Do you know the rules for using some, any, no or a? Check out our grammar page on some and any, and then try the exercise below.

Click on the correct answer: some, any, or no.

There are explanatory notes underneath the answers.

Level: Elementary and above

1. Have you got __ English friends?
2. No, I haven't got __ English friends.
3. But I have __ English penfriends.
4. He has __ friends at all.
5. She has __ best friend. They spend all their time together.
6. Would you like __ more orange juice?
7. I have hardly __ money left.
8. I never have __ luck with the lottery.
9. Have you got __ money?
10. Yes, I've got __
11. Have you got __ water?
12. No, I haven't got __
13. I want to find __one to love.
14. I think I've got __thing in my eye. Can you have a look, please?
15. I'll live __where in London. It doesn't matter to me.
16. There's __body in the classroom at the moment. It's empty.
17. Are you looking for __thing in particular? (In a shop)
18. No, I'm not looking for __, thanks.

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