You and your family

Here are some essential words and phrases to talk about you and your family.

(You can see a complete list on our page Talking about your family)

Talking about you

Here is some vocabulary to talk about your status.

I am married.
I have a husband / I have a wife.

For example:

Sarah (a woman) is married to David. (a man)
Sarah is the wife of David.
David is the husband of Sarah.

I am engaged. (I will get married soon)

I am single. (no husband / no wife)

I have a partner. (there is an important person in my life, but maybe we aren't married)

I have a girlfriend. (a girl / woman "important" friend, but we aren't married)

I have a boyfriend. (a boy / man "important" friend, but we aren't married)

I am divorced. (I was married, but not now)

I am separated. (I don't live with my husband / wife, and perhaps we will get divorced soon)

Talking about the people in your family

Here are some words to talk about your relatives.

My mother's name is Sandra. (mother's name = the name of my mother)

My father's name is Robert.

My sister's name is Sarah.

My brother's name is David.

child / children

I have one child. / I have two children.
(child / children = boy or girl)

My son's name is Richard.

My daughter's name is Rebecca.

My father has a sister. His sister's name is Maria.

My mother has a sister. Her sister's name is Eve.

Maria is my aunt.
Eve is my aunt.

My father has a brother. His brother's name is Henry.

My mother has a brother. Her brother's name is William.

Henry is my uncle and William is my uncle.

The parents of my father and my mother are my grandparents.

The father of my father (and the father of my mother) is my grandfather.

The mother of my father (and the mother of my mother) is my grandmother.

My son is the grandson of my parents.

My daughter is the granddaughter of my parents.

The children of my aunt and the children of my uncle are my cousins.

The son of my brother (or my sister) is my nephew.

The daughter of my brother (or my sister) is my niece.

Look at the family tree. Then decide which answer is correct in the quiz below.

Family tree

Family tree exercise

Click the Start button below to begin the exercise. For each question, select the missing word from the choices. Then click the arrow on the right to go to the next question.


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