Hi there! I'm Clare, the founder of english-at-home.com. I've taught English for more than 20 years in different countries around the world - and I'm also the author of 6 English-learning books. More than 150,000 people learn English with me every month - and I can help you too!

Speak English Confidently and Fluently!

Here's the secret to speaking English more fluently:

Get the automatic phrases that native speakers use automatically!

These phrases help you build conversations easily and naturally so you can speak English with less hesitation.

In my fluency programs, I share the most common automatic phrases to use in 10 everyday situations.

Get the complete set of materials (video, audio, text and PDF) AND a private 30-minute lesson with me.

An easier way to speak English more fluently.

WelcomeSpeak Real English Program
Increase your speaking fluency and confidence in 10 everyday situations. Includes a personal lesson.
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WelcomeReal English Conversations Program
More advanced vocabulary & phrases to take part in English conversations naturally and confidently. Includes a personal lesson.
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