Speaking Exercise: Making dates

What can you say when you want to make an arrangement to see a friend? Try our quiz below to check your knowledge of useful English phrases.

Level: Elementary and above

1. What are you __ on Saturday?
2. Are you __ to anything at the weekend?
3. Your friend asks ''What are you up to at the weekend?'' You don't have any plans, so you say: ''Not __''
4. Do you __ going out on Saturday?
5. Your friend suggests going to play a game of tennis. You think it's a good idea and say: ''That __ great!''
6. You want to meet at 3pm. You say, ''__ meet at 3pm.''
7. You can also say, ''__ we meet at 3pm?''
8. Or you could say, ''How __ meeting at 3pm?''
9. Your friend agrees with your suggestion and says, ''OK __ you then.''
10. When you make a date to see someone, you can end the conversation with ''See you __!''

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