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Phrases for Polite English

Can you speak polite English? Take our quick test to make sure you know the polite expressions and phrases to use in different situations.

Level: Elementary and above

1. You want to sit down in a cafe. There are no free tables, but at one table, there are two chairs: one with a person sitting in it, and another chair which is free. You say to the person sitting in the chair:
2. In the cafe, the person serving says ''What can I get you?'' You reply:
3. Someone sees a free chair at your table and asks to sit down. But in fact, your friend is buying a coffee at the bar. You say:
4. You pay for your sandwich, and the cashier says ''Here's your change''. (The money you get back when you pay with a larger amount.) You say:
5. You hold a door open for someone, who then says to you ''Thank you''. You reply:
6. Someone asks you for the time. You don't know what time it is, and you say:
7. You want to leave your office early. You say to your boss:
8. You're having difficulty with your heavy bag. You ask someone to help you and say:
9. You're in the supermarket, and you want to go past the person in front of you (who is blocking the space with their trolley). You say:
10. You want to buy a stamp for a postcard. You say to the shop assistant:

Would you like more help with polite English? Check out our video below!

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