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Grammar Exercise: Prepositions of location and direction

Check out our page on prepositions of location and direction, then try the grammar exercise below! (Remember: you need to choose the correct answer.)

Level: Elementary and above

1. I sit __ Sarah at school.
2. Our teacher stands __ the class.
3. There are four students at each table. __ me is my friend Justine.
4. Julie sits __ Sasha.
5. Tom sits __ Lucy and James.
6. We have posters __ the walls.
7. __ of the classroom is a cupboard.
8. __ the teacher's desk is a clock.
9. The wall is __ her desk.
10. There's a wastepaper basket __ her desk.
11. Joe and Alan sit __ each other.
12. We hired a guide to take us __ the city.
13. We walked __ a busy road.
14. Go straight __ at the traffic lights.
15. We need to cross __ the road here.
16. We walked __ a lot of shops before we came to the park.
17. We had sandwiches __ a pretty fountain.
18. He drove __ the corner too fast and lost control.
19. You need to walk __ this road quickly. There's lots of traffic.
20. If you go __ the gate you'll get to the garden.

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Andres Sampedro
very goog
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good practice for non English speakers
Francisco Lanterna
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Very good
very good practise
freddy loza gutierrez
Esther chambi Ticona
Good practice
shajidah sufiah
very good practice teacher
some student
easy peasy and good
Phu Nguyen
Good explanation. Thanks :)
Yeaa very nice website
Englisch Boss
Nise exersise ...

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