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Grammar Exercise: Comparatives

Check out our page on how to make comparisons, then try the grammar quiz below!

Level: Elementary and above

1. He is __ me.
2. Her garden is __ mine.
3. This exercise is __ the last one.
4. He's more __ his brother.
5. She's __ her mother.
6. This quiz is __ the last one.
7. He's less rich __ his brother.
8. Milan is __ Rome.
9. Her car is __ than mine.
10. I'm a __ you.
11. The lesson is __ than I thought.
12. He __ his father.
13. She isn't __ her mother.
14. His new film __ the last one.
15. The situation is __ we thought.
16. She's __ her sister at tennis.
17. He's __ his brother at driving.
18. Cambridge is __ Oxford from London.
19. Italy is __ France.
20. Lemons __ oranges.

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Good and needs to review
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