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English phrasal verbs with "off"

There are many phrasal verbs in business English that use the word "off". Here are some of the more common.

Break off= end: "Talks have broken off between the union and management."

Bring off = succeed in something difficult: "The new management brought off an amazing recovery in the company's fortunes."

Call off = cancel: "The proposed merger has been called off."

Cut off = disconnect: "Their electricity was cut off when they didn't pay the bill."

Lay off = make workers redundant: "The car manufacturer laid off 5000 workers."

Live off = get money from another source: "He invested the money and lived off the interest."

Pay off = settle your debt: "She saved money every month and finally managed to pay off her student loan."

Put off = (1) postpone: "They put off the decision for another month."

= (2) dissuade: "Falling prices put me off investing in the English property market."

Take off = do well: "Business has really taken off!"

Write off = accept a loss: "We'll never get the money back – I think we should write it off."

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