Grammar Exercise: Quantifiers

Do you know when to use (a) few, (a) little, a lot and lots of? Have a look at our page on Quantifiers in English, then try the quiz below.

Level: Elementary and above

1. There are __ biscuits in the packet.
2. We've got __ time before the plane leaves.
3. 'Few of my students remember the third person singular 's' ending on verbs'' means that::
4. He always gets __ presents than his sister on his birthday.
5. I have __ money than you.
6. There are __ people in the supermarket today.
7. She has __ friends.
8. He earns __ money.
9. She wears __ gold jewellery.
10. He eats __.
11. Do you like hip-hop music?
Yes, __
12. There's __ money in my wallet.
13. They have __ information on their website.
14. They have __ customers.
15. He eats __ sweet food.
16. He has __ free time.
17. There's only __ milk left in the fridge.
18. You smoke __
19. He doesn't earn __
20. I have __ good friends.
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Heno Erlangga
I must to learn more.

Sarah Cao

I really enjoyed the exercise! but please can you explain me the difference of using (lots-alot-alot of)& I'm greatful

Here's a grammar page on lots / a lot / a lot of:

It was the very useful exercise.


thank you

thanks a lot :)

Thanks for the practice test. It's a good refresher.

it's useful for study

Good exercise, thanks a lot

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