Learn English with television

Television is great for learning English. The pictures make it easier to understand than radio and because you can see who's talking, you get a better idea of what people mean. Just watch their "body language"!

Watch programmes that you find enjoyable and entertaining - whatever you watch will help you to improve your English.

Here's the english-at-home.com guide to learning as much as possible while watching English television:

Only watch programmes you find interesting. Learning English should be fun - not something you have to force yourself to do. If you have a passion for football, watch matches or the sports news.

Keep a notebook near to your television, so that you can jot down any new words or expressions that you hear. This is especially useful if the programme you are watching has been subtitled into your language.

Try to watch English television regularly. Even if you can only watch 15 minutes a day, you'll be amazed how much you learn.

Don't worry if you don't understand everything - English television is normally aimed at native English language speakers. Programmes often include difficult words and expressions. If the programme you're watching is full of unknown words, just concentrate on understanding the general meaning.

Even cartoons and children's programmes are useful when learning English and quiz shows are useful for learning how to ask and answer questions in English.

Keep a note of television programmes and presenters that you find easy to understand and try to watch them regularly. Doing this will increase your confidence and give you a sense of achievement.

13 thoughts on “Learn English with television

  1. Vladimir

    You gave me piece of good advice! I watch the Pentagon Channel almost every day! It help me to improve my skills !

  2. Sueraya

    Yes you're absolutely right...watching English programmes really helpful to learn English..but it still can make me speaking English fluently. Please teach me how to fluency in English...

  3. hind retnani

    a+1 great tips thank u for providing such advice to emprove my english learning skills

  4. Mohammed BADIOUI

    I do really agree with you that watching English tv channels helps a lot and improve one's listening skills and fluency.. thanks for your tips and bye

  5. Brian Pearce

    The downside to learning English this way is that TV announcers are trained to have their own lingo. If you copy their broadcast school gimmicks, you will sound a little bizarre. They have their own system of verb tenses, rules on skipping certain short words (often relative pronouns, prepositions, articles, and verbs like "to be", "will", and "have". They also have a list of long, empty words that they lean on to avoid dead air, sound sophisticated, etc. So you might end up saying something like "Actuslly, atthis time, in terms of seashell items,this particular individual does in fact make available on a the seashore basis, going forward, as well," when all you wanted to say was "she sells seashells by the seashore."

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