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How to Use Abbreviations

When we speak, we often abbreviate words. We also shorten words when we write text messages (SMS). Here's a handy guide to some of the more common abbreviations.


= is / am going to (do something)
"I'm gonna call him now."

wanna = want to
"I wanna speak to you."

gotta = has / have got to (or have got)
"I gotta go!"

innit = isn't it
"It's cold, innit?"

ain't = isn't / haven't / hasn't
"He ain't finished yet."
"I ain't seen him today."

ya = you
"Do ya now what I mean?"

lemme = let me
"Lemme see … tomorrow's a good time."

whadd'ya = what do you …
"Whadd'ya mean, you don't want to watch the game?"

dunno = don't / doesn't know
"I dunno. Whadd'ya think?"

Text messaging abbreviations


2 = to / two
4 = for / four
8 = ate


U = you
C = see
B = be

CU L8r = see you later

msg – message
pls = please
cld = could
gd = good
vgd = very good
abt = about
ths = this
asap = as soon as possible
tks = thanks
txt = text
LOL = lots of love / laugh out loud
x = a kiss!

Abbreviations Quiz

Level: Pre-intermediate and above

1. What film are you __ see?
2. __ cup of coffee?
3. I'm telling __ , it's cold out there!
4. __ help you with that bag.
5. I __ see my boss tomorrow.
6. It's a good film, __
7. Don't keep asking him! He __ help!
8. __ think about going to the beach?
9. I __ . Maybe tomorrow.
10. __ got there?
11. Got any tissues in __ bag?
12. He's got a __ friends.
13. (Text message) Pls __ me when u arrive.
14. (Email) We need to talk __ the party next week.
15. (Email / text message) Please call me __
16. (Text message) Pls call when u get this __
17. (Text message) Went to a __ party at weekend!
18. (Text message) Did u get my msg last __ ?
19. (Text message) __ u meet me at station?
20. __ 4 help!

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