Giving and receiving presents in English

What can you say to give and receive presents in English? British people generally open presents in front of the people who have given them, and at events like Christmas, families will open their presents together.

Here are some useful phrases for giving and receiving presents (along with what to say if you don’t like the present!)

When you are giving a present to someone you know well

This is for you.

I thought you might like this for Christmas / your birthday …

It’s only something small, but I hope you like it.

I thought this might go well with your (new dress / Prada bag..)

I wasn’t sure what to get you but I hope you like it.

(If you don’t like it, you can always change it.)

Hold out your hands and close your eyes!
(Then you place the present into the person’s hands.)

What to say when you receive a present

Thank you so much! It’s lovely / fantastic / wonderful.

It’s something I’ve always wanted!

It’s just what I’ve always wanted!

Wow! What a thoughtful present!

You shouldn’t have!

How did you guess! It’s just perfect, thank you so much!

If you don’t like something

Thank you so much!

How kind of you!

It’s lovely, thank you!

What to write on present tags

To (name of person receiving the present) with love from (name of person giving the present)

Wishing you a happy birthday, love (name of person giving)

With our love to you, (names of givers)

On a present to a non-family member

With best wishes for a happy Christmas, (name of person giving present)

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