Better English Speaking Skills

Improving your English speaking skills will help you communicate more easily and effectively. But how do you become a more confident English speaker?

Practise where you can, when you can. Any practice is good – whether you speak to someone who is a native English speaker or not.

It’s important to build your confidence. If possible, use simple English sentence structure that you know is correct, so that you can concentrate on getting your message across.

Try to experiment with the English you know. Use words and phrases you know in new situations. Native English speakers are more likely to correct you if you use the wrong word than if you use the wrong grammar. Experimenting with vocabulary is a really good way of getting feedback.

Try to respond to what people say to you. You can often get clues to what people think by looking at their body language. Respond to them in a natural way.

Try NOT to translate into and from your own language. This takes too much time and will make you more hesitant.

If you forget a word, do what native English speakers do all the time, and say things that ‘fill’ the conversation. This is better than keeping completely silent. Try using um, or er, if you forget the word.

Don’t speak too fast! It’s important to use a natural rhythm when speaking English, but if you speak too fast it will be difficult for people to understand you.

Try to relax when you speak – you’ll find your mouth does most of the pronunciation work for you. When you speak English at normal speed, you’ll discover that many of the pronunciation skills, such as linking between words, will happen automatically.

Remember, when speaking English…

Try to become less hesitant and more confident.

Don’t be shy to speak – the more you do it, the more confident you’ll become.

Remember to be polite – use “please” and “thank you” if you ask someone to do something for you.

For ideas on where and how to practise your English, see our page on How to practise your English speaking.

Want more tips? Check out the video!

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  1. i like this websites…..its doing great job for us..i want to improve my english as spoken

  2. Sirima K. from Thailand

    Thank you for the suggestion and I’m going to practise speaking English now with make a goal that in 1 year forward my english will be better, I belive that.

  3. thank u for that.another idea for improving is making English as part of our life. for ex;instead of thinking in our native language think in English.

  4. Thanks for your advises. I can understand the English about 50 percent. I look forward to having more conversations with native English speakers to improve my English speaking skills. I know I can do it.

  5. This page is really good, i have been learning English for many years, but i think i do not know the good way to learn english like this page show. I must thank you so much. hope you keep on going to do best job.

  6. Arif pulikoor

    Thanks for your valuable advice..
    These days I did direct transilate our language to told right it takes too times for I will change my altitude

  7. Jayanta Nath AIIMS

    Thats outstanding, that is what for which i wanna thaks to you. Yea thats too true that regular practice by self and some advice mensioned above definately help us to improve specking ability. I too at times try to understand and improve my spoken by self practicing or talking with others. Good luck all.Me From Eastern INDIA.

  8. Hello everyone…I m a new user of this page nd I read all the given ideas, which is shared by frnds..nd m very thank full to all..even m also improving my communication skill so plz daily updates this page. Even I wish for all user that they will soon speak in English fluently….

  9. Hello everyone! First of full ? just want to say thank you! Very good advice to improve speaking English. The best way to learn and speaking English is live there and may work there. I am learning English (C+1) and ? believe that the best way this. Thank you Guys!

  10. hi,thanks you for giving me good i can improve my speaking power in english.

  11. hi .. several time i read this site. and got valuable suggestion to enhance my speaking power but still i am feeling shy to say something and yet not unable to build up my confidence level ….i am trying ..don’t know when i will be able to say fluently…..

  12. Yes off course the points given above is very helpful for new learners. I always think to speak in English but don’t do it. I hesitate to speak in English.

  13. Yeah! All advices I’ve read in this article are definitely correct! I used the same “technique” when I was the master of ceremony in our provincial spes day program. :-)

  14. Ajaz Mohammed

    yess. its a better way of learning the language.. I really appreciate your work.. you let people know how to improve their speaking skills is good.. it has been problem for so many people who are not native speakers. but the ways which are shown above are good. And I hope people will fallow these steps, to improve their language skills. and it really make different for them who really want to enhance their speaking skills.

  15. i would like to be good professional speaker in life,if i learn good words framing skills.

  16. Wow… These are wonderful and didactic tips for enhancing communication skills! I must confess that I have learnt a bunch of effective principles as regards spoken English in this piece… I will not fail to add my ideas. One of the ways to fluent and unerring public speaking is to practice it in a secluded place,before a standing mirror and doing most of your thinking exercise and talking in english rather than in your native language. By so doing,you will enhance your confidence and verbal abilities. Thanks !!!

  17. Thank you so much for giving such advices.Itry to learn speaking English, so its very helpful for me.

  18. first of all I would like to thank to this site which learnt me gave me some suggestions which I need and I think after reading these all skills can make my English good and also can help me to be a good fluent. ..Thank you all of you guys there who made this cite..

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  21. Arun yadav from india

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  25. first of all I would like to thank
    to this site which learnt me
    gave me some suggestions
    which I need and I think after
    reading these all skills can make
    my English good and also can help me to be a good fluent.
    ..Thank you all of you guys there
    who made this cite..

  26. Hi ! Loved your blog..the mistake most of us do is hurry up while talking to cover our nervousness and it make matters worse..your tip on using fillers to cover the gap when you think of the apt word is very useful ..will keep in mind! Thanks and keep posting more such useful blogs!

  27. Very helpful indeed, English is not our language so we are bound to make mistake but that should not kill our confidence and thanks for the tips and ideas when to use mmm aaa to fill the gap :v while speaking

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