Your Personal English Coach

Get expert, personalised feedback on your speaking!

  • Find out your English level in 3, easy steps
  • Get video feedback on your grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and speaking skills
  • Prepare for Cambridge or IELTS speaking test
  • Maintain your level after an English course

How it works

Your Personal English CoachStep 1

Talk for 2-5 minutes on any subject. Record yourself on your phone or webcam.

I’ve got a list of subjects for you if you can’t think of anything!


Your Personal English CoachStep 2

Send me your recording (via email or send me the link to a shared google drive folder).

Tell me what to focus on in my feedback – your level, use of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc.

Your Personal English CoachStep 3

I send you a link for payment (secure via Paypal), then send your personalised feedback in a video within 3 days.

Cost of feedback: $10

This service is ideal for you if you want fast, accurate feedback on your speaking.

  • You’re going to do a speaking exam and you want to know what score to expect
  • You’ve already taken an English course and you want to maintain / practise your English
  • You have a presentation / interview / meeting and you want to prepare for it
  • You haven’t studied English in a while and you want to know your current level

Why test your English with me?

Your Personal English Coach
Clare Whitmell

I've been a Cambridge Speaking Examiner for more than 10 years, evaluating at all levels (A2 to C2). This experience means I can identify different levels of speaking ability - and advise you on what you should do to improve your level.

I've also written many books on learning English, and developed two speaking programs: "Speak Real English" and "Real English Conversations".