Write a CV: How to Use Powerful Verbs

When you write your CV, it’s important to use powerful verbs to show your achievements and responsibilities in your past jobs. These verbs make your writing more interesting – and they also help to convince an employer that you’re a great candidate for the job.

For example, writing “I was the manager of a department” doesn’t show an employer what you did – or why it was important. But if you write “Supervised 10 people” or “Planned and delegated day-to-day activities for 10 people” you show more precisely what you did – and how important it was.

In this exercise, choose the strongest verb for each sentence.

Level: Intermediate and above

1. __ our stock ordering systems.
2. __ market conditions to create new products.
3. __ our market share.
4. __ £50K new business in 6 months.
5. __ costs by 25%.
6. __ company to win new business.
7. Consistently __ sales targets.
8. Efficiently __ team activities.
9. __ the company's internal communications systems.
10. __ new investors in second-round funding.

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  1. As my job requires me to translate many of similar English business texts, this exercise was very useful to me. Thank you.

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