Vocabulary Exercise: Say, tell, speak, talk

These four verbs can cause problems for English learners. Practise using them in the quiz below!

Level: Pre-intermediate and above

1. So then Melissa __ ''I hate doing homework!''
2. He __ his brother that he wanted an ice-cream.
3. He didn't __ anything to me!
4. I think you need to __ something to the police about what you saw last night.
5. His teacher __ him to study for the exam.
6. How many languages can you __ ?
7. What are you two __ about?
8. ''Can we __?''
9. ''Can I __ to you in private?'' Lucy asked her boss.
10. I can't trust John. He never __ the truth.
11. He __ a funny story about living in Paris.
12. How do you __ ''bread'' in Italian?
13. They're always ___ politics!
14. Fran: ''Mr Jones is so difficult to work with!''
Mel: '' __ about it!''
15. Can you __ up, please? I can't hear you.''

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