Vocabulary Exercise: Phrasal verbs for the classroom

Here are some common phrasal verbs that teachers use every day in the classroom. In this quiz, choose the correct particle.

Level: Elementary and above

1. If you have a question, put your hand __
2. In some countries, you must stand __ when the teacher comes into the room.
3. Then the teacher asks you to sit __
4. If a teacher can't hear you when you speak, he / she can say, ''Please speak __ ''
5. But if you make too much noise, the teacher can ask, ''Please keep your voice __ ''
6. If you don't know a word, look it __ in a dictionary.
7. When your teacher says something important, you should write it __
8. Sometimes your teacher will hand __ worksheets.
9. After a test, the teacher will go __ the answers.
10. Sometimes a teacher can mark you __ for bad grammar or spelling.