Vocabulary Exercise: Personal grooming and hygiene

What things can you do to look clean and smart? Here are some useful verbs to describe your grooming and hygiene routines.

Level: Elementary – Intermediate

1. You should __ your teeth at least twice a day. Some people even do it after each meal.


2. It's also good to __ them to clean between each tooth.
3. After you go to the toilet, __ your hands. (You should also do this before you prepare food.)
4. Don't let your nails get too long. __ them.
5. Of course, you should also __ them if they are dirty.


6. __ your hair before you go out.
7. If you're going grey, you might want to __ your hair.
8. Or you might just choose only to __ the roots.
9. If your hair (or beard!) is too long, __ it.
10. If you don't have a beard or moustache, you should __.
11. When your hair gets too long, you'll need to __ it.
12. Some people like to __ before they go to the beach.
13. If you have thick eyebrows, you can also __ them.
14. Most people stay fresh with a __ every day.
15. If you have rough (or very dirty) skin, you can also __ it.
16. Most people __ deodorant after a shower.
17. Women also often __ make-up before they go out.
18. To look really smart, make sure you __ your shoes.
19. You should also __ your clothes.
20. __ items like jackets or suits to make sure they are fresh and clean.

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