Common verb-noun collocations in English

How well do you know the correct verb-noun combinations? Try our quiz below to test your knowledge!

Level: Elementary and above

1. When we go to London I want to __ lots of photos.
2. How much money does he __ ?
3. Hurry up! I don't want to __ the train.
4. In the evenings she always __ her homework.
5. He can __ three languages.
6. Next month he has to __ an exam in International Law.
7. I'd like to __ a reservation for two nights.
8. Lets __ a flight at the weekend.
9. I learnt to __ a bike when I was five.
10. She decided to __ a short-story competition.
11. I __ a lot of mistakes in the test.
12. So I __ a bad mark.
13. If you go out without a coat, you'll __ a cold.
14. It __ a lot of time to fly to the USA.
15. He __ an excellent school.
16. He __ a terrible crime and went to prison.
17. They climbed to the top of the hill then __ the view.
18. Her teachers complain that she doesn't __ attention in class.
19. I like __ my friends.
20. I can't buy that car. It __ too much money.
21. I want to __ something about the book I'm reading.
22. He __ a funny story at the party.
23. He __ her a beautiful present for her birthday.
24. If it gets cold we can __ a fire.
25. Do you think you'll __ a prize in the competition?