Stay Neutral In An Argument – 10 Phrases

What can you say when two people you know are having an argument – but you want to stay neutral?

Here are some useful phrases.

stay out of / keep out of an argument = to not take part in an argument, because you want to be neutral

to not have an opinion either way = You can ”have” (or more formally ”hold”) an opinion. If you don’t have an opinion either way, it means you don’t agree or disagree with either of the two people who are arguing.

to take sides = If you ”take sides” it means you ”side with” (or agree with) one of the two people arguing.

to not get involved = if you aren’t involved in an argument, you are netural

leave me out of = when you ask someone to not involve you

it’s not for me to say = you can use this phrase if someone asks you what you think. By using this phrase, you’re saying that it’s not your job or place to make a comment.

to be right in different ways = If you say that both people are right in different ways, you’re saying that neither person is wrong. This is a tactful way to show that you respect both people’s arguments.

to sit on the fence = you can’t decide or make up your mind. We use this expression to say we don’t want to ”choose” either person in an argument.

to be between you and (name of person) = say this when you don’t want to get involved. You can make this phrase stronger by saying “really”.

take it up with = If you ”take something up with” a person, you go to that person to complain or deal with a problem. Using this expression means that you aren’t the right person to talk to in this situation.

Stay Neutral

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Stay Neutral In An Argument - 10 Phrases

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