Stay Neutral In An Argument – 10 Phrases

What can you say when two people you know are having an argument – but you want to stay neutral? Choose the correct word in the quiz to find ten ways for staying out of an argument!

Level: Intermediate

1. I'd like to __ out of this one.
2. I don't really __ an opinion either way.
3. I don't want to take __
4. To be honest, I don't want to get __
5. Can you leave me __ this?
6. It's not really for me to __
7. I think you're both __ in different ways.''
8. I'm going to sit on the __ for this one.
9. It's __ between you and (name of other person).
10. You're going to have to take it __ with (name of person).

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