Speaking Exercise: Understanding English speakers

One reason why it's difficult to understand spoken English is because native speakers don't stress grammar words. This means that it's difficult to hear words like "to", "can" or "will" in a sentence.

In the questions below, decide what the missing word is.

Level: Elementary and above

1. Can you get me a piece __ paper, please?
2. If you want to get a good job, __ need to study hard.
3. I'm __ work tomorrow so I'll call you about the meeting then.
4. __ been to their office before.
5. Do you want __ the report before I send it out?
6. I've got __ go now.
7. He's __ friend.
8. You __ my house from here.
9. __ like a bottle of water, please.
10. He hurt __ leg in the accident.

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