Speaking Exercise: Helping people

There are lots of English expressions to offer to help someone – and also lots of expressions to accept (or refuse) help. Take a look at our page on requests and offers, then try the quiz below!

Level: Elementary and above

1. You see someone with a heavy suitcase and you offer help. You say: Would you like a __
2. Or you could also say: Can I __ you a hand?
3. You're very busy and a colleague offers to make you a cup of tea. (''Would you like a cup of tea?'') You want to accept the offer and say:
4. You're in a restaurant and the waiter takes your order and then asks if there's anything else you need. In fact, you'd like a different glass as yours looks dirty. You say:
5. It's lunchtime and you want to eat with your friend, but he / she is busy studying. You offer to go and buy sandwiches and say: I'll go and get some sandwiches, __
6. You're carrying two bags and you're nearly home, when someone offers you help. You don't want help and say:
7. In the same situation you could also say:
8. This week you have lots to do. A friend offers to go shopping for you, but you don't want your friend to help. You say: Actually I'm fine thanks. Thanks __
9. In the same situation you could also say to your friend: I'll be fine thanks. __
10. Your friend insists and says ''Please, let me do the shopping for you!'' You say: __

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