Speaking Exercise: Greetings and Introductions

Take a look at our page on English greetings, then try the quiz!

Level: Elementary and above

1. If someone asks you ''How are you?'' you can answer
2. If someone asks ''How are things?'' you can reply
3. If someone says ''Good morning!'' you can reply
4. If someone says ''Nice to meet you'' you can reply
5. When you introduce a person (Jen) to another person (Sue), you can say
6. To give more information about the person, you can say
7. If someone says ''How do you do?'' you can reply
8. What do you say to someone at 1pm?
9. When you arrive at a restaurant for dinner you can say ''Good evening''. When you leave the restaurant, you can say
10. When you say good bye to a friend, you can say

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