Speaking Exercise: English Pubs

If you travel to Britain, make sure you visit a pub! This is where you can socialise and meet people - and try out your English speaking skills. But you'll need to know some special expressions. Try our quiz below!

Level: Pre-intermediate and above

1. Your British friend asks, ''What are you having?'' You reply __
2. You and your friend finish your first drink. Then you say to your friend, ''Same again?'' It means __
3. Later, your friend says to you, ''It's your round!'' This means:
4. If someone says to you, ''Get the beers in!'' they mean __
5. You wait at the bar to buy drinks. The person working behind the bar says to you, ''Are you being served?'' You answer __
6. You come back to your friends with the drinks. Before you start drinking, say __
7. You want to offer a drink to the person serving you. You say: __
8. Your friend asks you, ''Fancy a game of pool?'' You say:
9. The pub landlord / landlady (owner of the pub) shouts ''Last orders please!'' It means __
10. When the landlord / landlady says ''Time please Ladies and Gentlemen'' it means __

english-pub-1-1492212-639x489 (Typical town pub)

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