Speaking Exercise: Classroom language

What can you say to your teachers and classmates in an English-speaking classroom? Check out our quiz below!

Level: Elementary and above

1. You don't understand what your teacher is saying. You ask:
2. Another way to ask your teacher to repeat something is:
3. Your teacher says something that you don't understand. You say:
4. If your teacher wants you to use a dictionary, he / she says:
5. You want your teacher to explain something again. You say:
6. Your class did a test and your teacher is correcting it. You didn't hear the correction and you say:
7. You don't know a word in your coursebook. You ask the teacher:
8. You don't have a pencil or pen to write, but your classmate has two. You ask your classmate:
9. You forgot your text book. You ask your classmate:
10. At the end of the lesson you can ask your teacher (or your classmate):

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