Memory and Vocabulary Collocations

Here are some common collocations for memory and vocabulary. Can you choose the right word in the ten questions below to make some English collocations?

Level: Intermediate and above

1. The only way to remember mathematical formulas is to learn them by __
2. She has a __ memory for names.
3. How can you remember all those historical dates? You must have a __ memory!
4. What's your __ memory?
5. Looking at the holiday photos __ back happy memories.
6. I'm sorry that I keep asking you for this information. I have a memory like a __
7. I'm sure I've met you. I never forget a __
8. Ah - what's the word! It's on the tip of my __
9. He has a __ vocabulary because he reads so much.
10. But if you don't read much, you might only have a __ vocabulary.

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