Grammar Exercise: Past Simple and Past Continuous

Check out our page on past tenses in English, then try the quiz below!

Level: Pre-intermediate and above

1. While I was working, he __ to music.
2. When we went to Barcelona, we __ in a lovely hotel.
3. While I __ in London, I met my best friend.
4. When I was at university, I __ someone very important.
5. There's a story about a famous model who __ down the road when someone from a modelling agency saw her.
6. I clearly remember when I heard about the terrorist attacks. I __ in Rome at the time.
7. This time last week we __ on the beach. Now look at the weather!
8. What __ yesterday when I called you?
9. I __ a lot of interesting people when I lived in London.
10. Excuse me Mr Green! I __ we could talk about the new project today.