Grammar Exercise: Ing and Ed Adjectives

Many English adjectives end in -ing or -ed. Here's a list of common -ing / -ed adjectives:

boring, bored
interesting, interested
exciting, excited
fascinating, fascinated
surprising, surprised
amazing, amazed
satisfying, satisfied
amusing, amused
shocking, shocked
confusing, confused
annoying, annoyed
worrying, worried
disappointing, disappointed
depressing, depressed
frightening, frightened
terrifying, terrified

But how do you know which form you should use? Try our quiz below!

Level: Pre-Intermediate and above / FCE level

1. She's __ in music.
2. He was __ when he saw the film.
3. My textbook is very __ but I have to read it.
4. The football match wasn't very good at the beginning, but it got more __ towards the end.
5. He gave an __ talk about his trip to Asia.
6. She quickly became __ when she couldn't work out the puzzle.
7. The situation is becoming very __
8. There's a __ survey into people's buying habits.
9. It's __ to do so much housework every day.
10. I was __ by his performance.
11. Some people find ironing a very __ thing to do.
12. She was __ with her son's school report.
13. He's easily __ by what he hears.
14. It gets __ to read about all these problems.
15. Even after the teacher explained a second time, she was still __

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