Grammar Exercise: A / an or One?

Do you know when to use "a/an" or "one" before the noun? Check out the quiz below!

Level: Elementary and above

1. You're in a sandwich shop. You say, ''Can I have __ sandwich please?''
2. The sales assistant could reply, ''Which __ would you like?''
3. My sister is studying for __ MA.
4. He has __ university degree in Economics.
5. Do you have __ degree?
6. If you say, ''I've got one interesting book about food'' I think:
7. Your friend suggests going to the cinema tonight. You like that idea and say ''It's __ good idea.''
8. My brother has __ nice car.
9. He's saving for a new car. In fact, he's saved exactly __ thousand dollars.
10. She's got about __ hundred friends on Facebook.

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