English Expressions with You

There are lots of English expressions which contain the word "you". Decide what the correct word is in these common expressions - and speak more like a native English speaker!

Level: Elementary and above

1. You __, I don't think I'll go out tonight.
2. You should take your swimming costume with you. It might get sunnier later - you __ know.
3. I'm going out for a while. See you __
4. I don't mind what we do. It's __ to you!
5. Have a good weekend. Yeah, you __
6. Happy New Year! Thanks, __ to you!
7. He didn't get the promotion he wanted. Oh well, you __ some, you lose some.
8. He doesn't always tell the truth. You __ what I mean?
9. I didn't go out for a bike ride. It was too dark, you __
10. I'm just about to sneeze. __ you!

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