English Conversation: Typical Replies

How can you reply to someone in an English conversation? Learn these useful ways of replying so that you sound more natural when you speak English!

We sometimes call these natural phrases and ways of replying "fixed phrases" or "lexical chunks". They're phrases that we automatically use in an English conversation, so using them yourself will make you sound more like a native English speaker!

Level: Pre-intermediate and above

1. You do something for someone, and they say ''Thank you''. You reply:
2. You ask your colleague to pass you a file. Your colleague passes you the file and says:
3. You want a cup of coffee from the coffee kiosk. You say to the person serving ''A cup of coffee, please'' and he / she replies:
4. Your colleague tells you that the printer has broken. The printer often breaks, so you reply:
5. You want to leave work early, and ask your boss. Your boss doesn't look very happy about it, but gives you permission and says:
6. You're having a discussion / negotiation with your partner about the housework. You say, ''I'll do the cooking if you do the cleaning.'' Your partner agrees and says:
7. Your friend is talking about another person that you both know. Your friend says something surprising or shocking, and you reply:
8. You ask a friend about their weekend, saying ''What did you do at the weekend?'' They reply:
9. Your colleague complains that she has to do overtime this week (when you work longer hours than normal). You're in the same position as your colleague, so you reply:
10. A couple of days ago, you told your friend that your class teacher was going to give you a test. Now your friend confirms this, and says that the teacher will give you a test. You reply:

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