Collocations Quiz: Test Your Vocabulary

One way to improve your vocabulary – and speaking fluency – is to use words that naturally go together. In this collocations quiz, choose the word which goes best with the other word.

Level: Intermediate and above

1. I think we've made a terrible __
2. It's a bit of a sticky __. I don't know what to do.
3. I think we've had a very lucky __
4. I have a gut __ that this project will be unsuccessful.
5. Phew! That was a close __ !
6. We need to talk about the thorny __ of restructuring the company.
7. He suffered a severe __ in his ambitions.
8. You'll need a strong survival __ to do well in this company. The office politics are terrible!
9. There was a tense __ between the police and the protesters.
10. It's not easy knowing what to do. We're in uncharted __ here.

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