Advanced Speaking: Talking About Possibility

How many ways do you know to talk about how possible something is? Test your knowledge with this quick exercise.

Level: Intermediate and above

1. There's __ chance that England will win the match.
2. Do you think England will win? No, it's __ to impossible.
3. Really. They don't __ a chance!
4. OK - well maybe they do. I guess they have a chance in a __
5. There's __ chance that he'll get a promotion. He works really hard.
6. I __ he'll call you tonight.
7. There's no __ he knew about the party.
8. Don't worry about the exam. There's __ the chance that you've passed.
9. Don't worry that they're late. It's __ likely that they're stuck in traffic.
10. I'm sorry to say you don't have a hope in __ of getting the job.

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