Vocabulary Exercise: Adjectives and nouns

Some adjectives and nouns go together to form word partnerships. In this quiz, decide which adjective is correct.

Level: Elementary and above

1. They are __ friends.
2. There's a __ variety of books in the shop.
3. She has a __ knowledge of Physics.
4. There's a __ possibility of rain later.
5. She likes __ coffee made with lots of water.
6. He ate a __ banana for dessert.
7. We packed plenty of __ clothes for our trip to Scotland.
8. Which one is the __ answer?
9. Be careful here - it's a __ road.
10. Do you have any plans for the __ weekend?
11. You'll need a __ knife to cut that meat.
12. He wrote his name on a __ piece of paper.
13. He's an __ child.
14. She's on a __ diet to lose weight.
15. - Can I speak to Jane please?
- I'm sorry - you've got the __ number.
16. __ parents can find it difficult to balance work and family life.
17. She's worked really hard and now she's got a __ job in the City.
18. We were amazed when we had the __ number in the lottery.
19. He likes listening to __ music.
20. I've always wanted a __ car.

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