Learning English Tips

How To Increase Your Vocabulary

Do you always use the same words when you speak or write English? You might feel confident that the words you use are correct, but you probably also feel “stuck” that your vocabulary is limited. But there’s something you can do to increase your vocabulary so that you can speak more confidently and precisely. When… Read More

10 Signs You’re Advanced In English

How do you know that you have an advanced level of English, without taking an exam? Here are ten signs that you’ve gone past an intermediate level of English. All these ten signs are important, because they are “proof” of a high level of English and they describe how you feel (your confidence) about English.… Read More

How To Practise Your English Speaking

It’s even more difficult now to find English speaking opportunities when so many of us are working from home, or not going out. International travel – one of the most common ways to get practice – has almost disappeared under lockdown as well. But there are ways that you can get speaking practice. Here are… Read More

5 Reasons to Get To Advanced Level In English

If you’re already at an intermediate level of English, you can do a lot of things. So why should you continue studying to get to advanced level? At intermediate level, you’re an “independent user”. This means you can understand the main ideas when you read, speak quite fluently and have easy conversations with others, and… Read More

Why You Should Take Regular Study Breaks

There’s lots of scientific evidence to show that regular study breaks help you remember more. Breaks are also good for your brain and help you reduce stress. Read on for why it’s so important to take regular breaks when you’re learning English! Why do you need breaks? Breaks make your study time more efficientYou can… Read More

Learning English For International Study

One of the first questions I ask people is why they’re learning English. One of the most common reasons is “for international study”. (That is, to study abroad.) What are the advantages (and disadvantages) of going to an English-speaking country to study – and how should you prepare for international study? The Advantages Of International… Read More

3 Summer English Learning Activities

Here are three learning activities you can do this summer which will have a huge impact on your English. I’ve chosen one “passive” activity that’s fun and enjoyable; and two “active” things which will give your English a great workout. Read For Fun Reading is a brilliant way to increase your English vocabulary and improve… Read More