Get To Advanced Level In English

Get To Advanced Level In English

Getting to an advanced level of English will help you in many ways. At advanced level you can:
understand articles, news stories, emails etc in English
use the right word for the situation
understand most of what you hear (conversations, news stories, films, etc)
express your ideas confidently and fluently.

At advanced level, English is a natural part of your life. You can use it for your goals, such as to get a better job or promotion.

But how do you get there? Take a look at the articles below for ideas and strategies.

5 Skills for Advanced Speaking

Being an advanced English speaker is MUCH MORE than knowing the right phrases. Here are five skills you need.

Go From Intermediate To Advanced

How can you get past the intermediate level and get to advanced? Here are four strategies to get “unstuck” and go beyond the intermediate “plateau”.

5 Reasons To Get To Advanced

Why should you want an advanced level? When you’re at the intermediate stage you can already do a lot in English. But there are reasons why an advanced level can change your life for the better!

Advanced Collocations In English

When you know which words combine with other words, you’ll speak more fluently because you can speak in phrases. Here are 25 advanced collocations that will take your speaking from intermediate to advanced level.

10 Signs You’re Advanced in English

When you can do these ten things, then you know that you’ve got an advanced level of English – congratulations!

Get An Advanced English Vocabulary In 30 Days

My new advanced vocabulary course will help you go from intermediate to advanced English without studying for hours. It is the ONLY system that uses the Triple “A” (‘AAA’) method to give you short, 20-minute lessons. If you’re ready to get to advanced level, I also have free vocabulary updates and a live workshop for you.
The best part?
This system works even if you’ve been at intermediate level for years and you think you can’t remember words very well.