English Fluency Programs

Imagine the day when you can speak English more fluently.

A day when …

… you don’t need to search for words

… you can take part in a conversation without hesitating or translating

… you can do social things easily, like eating in restaurants & travelling

… you feel confident that your pronunciation is correct and nobody will laugh at you

You’ve probably already learnt English grammar and vocabulary – but speaking English is STILL difficult.

In my fluency programs, I show you quick and easy ways to be more fluent, by using the natural, fixed expressions that native speakers use automatically.

These expressions (phrases like “You’re welcome” or “By the way”) are very common. When you use them, you can build conversations and sound more natural. You’ll also be more fluent because you don’t have to spend time thinking which phrase or word to use.

When you join my step-by-step fluency programs, you get video, audio, text and PDFs to help you

  • improve your pronunciation (copy my British English accent!)
  • speak confidently in everyday situations – AND
  • understand other people

You’ll be able to do all this – even if you found English difficult at school!

Start speaking more fluently NOW:

English Fluency ProgramsSpeak Real English Program (Level 1)
Increase your English fluency, improve your pronunciation, and get essential vocabulary and native speaker phrases to speak confidently and naturally in 10 everyday situations. Downloadable lessons, videos, dialogues, and private speaking lesson.
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English Fluency ProgramsReal English Conversations (Level 2)
Take part in conversations and talk confidently about yourself, your job, your health and your life. Share opinions, experiences and gossip! Downloadable lessons, videos, dialogues and essential phrases. Private speaking lesson.
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