English Courses

Need individual help with English? Get expert, personalised training when YOU need it!

I help busy people become more confident and more fluent in English. I do this by showing you the quick and easy ways you can improve your English speaking, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. When you focus on small, easy-to-improve things, you can make a big impact on your speaking.

All my programs include individual speaking lessons with video feedback to help you work on the areas that make the biggest difference:

  • Vocabulary and automatic, set phrases to help you express yourself fluently and naturally
  • English pronunciation focus to help you speak clearly
  • Grammar and tense "tidy up" to help you speak accurately

Check out these ways you can start speaking more fluently:

English CoursesSpeak Real English Program (Level 1)
Increase your English fluency, improve your pronunciation, and get essential vocabulary and native speaker phrases to speak confidently and naturally in 10 everyday situations. Downloadable lessons, videos, dialogues, and private speaking lessons with feedback.
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English CoursesReal English Conversations (Level 2)
Take part in conversations and talk confidently about yourself, your job, your health and your life. Share opinions, experiences and gossip! Downloadable lessons, videos, dialogues and essential phrases. Private speaking lessons with feedback.
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