How to make a booking in English

Making a booking in English does not have to be complicated. In fact, if you keep the information concise, you will find it easy!

Starting the conversation

I'd like to.....

.... book a double room (for two nights from Monday 2 August to...)

.... book a table (for two at 9 pm tomorrow night)

.... book a flight (from London to Paris on Tuesday 10 November)

.... book seats (tonight for "Phantom of the Opera")

You can also reserve a room, a table or seats.

Responding to questions

How many people is the booking for?
... It's for two people.

How would you like to pay?
... Can I pay by credit card?

Can you spell your surname?
... Yes, it's B - R - O - W - N.

Can you give me your credit card number and expiry date?
...Yes, it's .......

Travel bookings

What time do you want to leave / arrive / check-out?

... I'd like to arrive in London by 6 pm.

Would you like to take advantage of our special insurance / extra facilities?

... No thank you / Could you give me extra information?

Asking for more information

Does this price include all taxes? (for hotels and flights)

Is there a booking fee? (for flights, theatre tickets)

How much is the baggage allowance? (for flights)

Could you confirm my booking?

What time should I arrive? (for theatres, restaurants)

What time do I have to check in / do I have to check out? (for flights, hotels)

Is there an ensuite bathroom? (for hotels)


Remember the essential information:
- how many nights (at a hotel)
- how many people (at a restaurant or the theatre)
- what time (for a flight or at a restaurant)
- how much does it cost (for a flight, theatre tickets or a hotel room)

Research the vocabulary you need before you make a call:
- what type of theatre seat you need
- what type of hotel room you want
- where you want to sit on the plane

Remember to pronounce numbers and letters clearly.

When you spell something or give a number, speak slowly and emphasise the important information.

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