How To Talk About The Environment

Are you worried about climate change? Do you want to save the planet (and save humanity?) Check out these 20 essential words to talk about the environment in English. Climate Change Climate change = the idea that the weather is changing“Extreme weather is one sign that we’re experiencing climate change.” Global warming = when the… Read More

Advanced Vocabulary: Change

The world is changing in many different ways, and you need to be able to talk about it confidently. Here’s some advanced English vocabulary for change. Check out how you can use “change” with different verbs, adjectives and nouns; and get some alternative words to expand your English vocabulary. Verbs With Change to bring change… Read More

How To Use Ain’t

“Ain’t” is a very common word in spoken and informal English, but it’s often considered to be ungrammatical, “dialect” or un-educated. But you’ll hear it a lot, in American and British English. Here are some examples of how to use “ain’t” and some common situations. Ain’t – Negative Contraction You can use “ain’t” any time… Read More

4 Fun Ways To Learn English

For a long-term project like learning a language, make sure you’re also having fun so that you can stay motivated. Here are some ideas for ways to learn English that don’t feel too serious. They’re perfect for summer holidays! Netflix And TV Series When you “get into” a TV program or series, you forget that… Read More

5 Phrases To Say Goodbye In English

Do you only say “Bye” or “See you later” when you leave people? In fact there are many other ways that British English speakers say “goodbye”. Here are five common phrases that we use with family and friends in different situations. These aren’t formal phrases, and we use them instead of “goodbye”. My tip: start… Read More

5 Ways To Say You Don’t Understand

You can say “I don’t understand” when someone tries to explain a process to you, or when you’re commenting on a situation. But there are also other common native English expressions you can use. Here are five new expressions for you. Practise one at a time until you feel confident, then move on to the… Read More

Holiday English – Phrasal Verbs

When you talk about your holiday, sound more natural by using phrasal verbs. They make you sound less formal and more like a native speaker. Here are 15 very common phrasal verbs to talk about travel. Make sure you can understand and use them in your conversations. Holiday Travel check in (to a hotel /… Read More

10 Political Words In English

So we’ve just had the European elections and the results are in. Great news for some political parties – and terrible news for the other parties! Here’s a guide to 10 essential words you need to know to talk about politics in English. Voters These are the people who vote. (Vote = put a X… Read More

How To Understand English Phone Calls

Phone calls can be difficult because you can’t see the other person. But they’re also difficult because we often use phrasal verbs in English phone calls. Here are ten common phrasal verbs which will help you understand the other person – and sound more natural – when you’re on the phone. Put someone through This… Read More

Native English Phrases With Never

We don’t just use “never” to mean “at no time”. There are many more native English phrases with “never” which you can use to sound more natural when you speak English. Here are ten to get you started. Learning tip: choose one that you like and start using it in conversation. When you’ve mastered one,… Read More