5 Skills For Advanced English Speaking

What do you need to be an advanced English speaker? I asked my Twitter followers in a quick poll, and their answers were interesting. Being an advanced English speaker is MUCH MORE than just knowing the right phrases! Here are the five things that you need. Conversation Skills How do you even start a conversation… Read More

3 Rules For Speaking In Group Conversations

Often, it’s more difficult to speak in a group of people who also speak English as a foreign language, than it is to speak in a group of native English speakers. Why is this? Perhaps because it’s more difficult to understand different accents, or perhaps because some people feel less confident about their English. However,… Read More

Advanced Phrases – Replying To Greetings

When people ask us “How are you?” we often reply with a standard phrase like “Fine thanks, and you?” But what if you aren’t OK? What if you want to use a more advanced phrase when you reply to greetings? Here are ten other natural phrases to say how you are – plus a fun… Read More

English Verbs With Preposition ‘In’

To make sure that your grammar is correct, you should know which preposition to use with verbs. Verbs can be followed by various prepositions, such as “on”, “in”,”for”, etc. However, the preposition you use for a verb in your language might not be the same as the preposition used in English. Here’s a list of… Read More

3 New English Learning Habits

The Covid pandemic has changed everything. We’ve needed to change how we work, how we study, and how we communicate with other people. The ways that we learn English have also changed. Here are some of the ways that Covid affected English learning – and some new habits which can help us now. What Covid… Read More

Advanced Ways To Talk About Your Goals

If you’ve set a personal or business goal for the year, how do you talk about it to other people? You can say “This year I want to achieve…” or “I’m working on …” but there are also some more advanced ways to talk about your goals and intentions. Check out these phrases for talking… Read More

2020 – English Words Of The Year

When you think about 2020, the words you associate with it are “challenging”, “difficult”, or even “unbelievable”. Most of us have never experienced such a year – and we probably never want another year like it again. There are some words that I associate with 2020 – words that I saw again and again. Some… Read More

Collective Nouns

We use many different “collective nouns” to talk about groups of animals, birds or insects. Here’s a list of ten common collective nouns. You can often use these with more than one animal, but often the animals share certain characteristics. Collective Nouns – Animals, Birds & Insects herdUse this with many animals that eat grass.A… Read More