British Food Vocabulary

What are some traditional British dishes? What snacks do people normally eat? And what are these strange things you can see on pub and cafe menus? Here’s our guide to British food vocabulary so you can understand menus and talk about food in the UK. Common British Food Expressions We have lots of slang words… Read More

5 Secrets For Fluent English Conversations

How can you have a fluent conversation in English? Do you need perfect grammar, pronunciation or vocabulary? In fact, you can have more fluent conversations if you use a few strategies (and phrases) to help you “navigate” through a conversation. Copy these 5 “secrets” and ideas from successful English learners and your English conversations will… Read More

Personal Finance

How can you talk about personal finance in English? What phrases do you need to know? Here’s our English guide to banking, pensions, mortgages and investments, with the key vocabulary and phrasal verbs you need to talk about them fluently and confidently. What is personal finance? Personal finance means how you manage your money, and… Read More

How To Go From Intermediate To Advanced Level

A lot of people get to an intermediate level in English – and then stop. There are reasons for this, but it IS hard to continue making progress when your English is already good. Here are three reasons why making extra progress is difficult – and some ideas for helping you to go from intermediate… Read More

Fashion Vocabulary

How can you talk about fashion and style in English? What fashion vocabulary do you need to talk about how a person looks – and their personal style? Get these fashion words and phrases – and learn other synonyms for style. The difference between fashion and style Fashion is a trend that changes quickly. Something… Read More

How To Address People In English

How can you address people in English when you meet them? What are the different greetings when you meet men, women or VIPs? What titles should you use? In British English, the greetings are different in formal and informal situations, and whether you’re greeting one person or a group. Here’s a list of greetings that… Read More

Advanced Vocabulary: Gender

It’s very important to avoid gender-inequality (discrimination) when you speak English. So this means that you shouldn’t use words that imply that men are superior to women, or that only men can do certain jobs. This is especially important if your first language uses gender (masculine / feminine forms) to refer to jobs or people.… Read More

How To Talk About Your Career

Can you talk about your career and what you do in English? These phrases and vocabulary will help you answer the question “What do you do?” – and also help you have a more interesting conversation about your job and career. Your Career Path Your career path is your career journey – how you got… Read More

Advanced Vocabulary: 10 Animal Expressions

We love to use animal expressions when we speak English. This is because we associate certain animals with certain characteristics. Here are 10 advanced English animal expressions. If you’d like to see 30 more, check out my page on animal idioms. Dog-tired When you’re dog-tired, you’re really tired. “He’s been working long hours and he’s… Read More

25 Family Phrasal Verbs

We use phrasal verbs a lot when we speak English and in informal situations. All these family phrasal verbs are used to talk about family relationships – such as the relationship between parents and children; family relationships; and behaviour and discipline. Parents And Children bring up = how you educate your children“They were brought up… Read More