How to write about yourself online

Are you active online with accounts on different forums and social media? Then maybe you need to write a few words or sentences about yourself in an "about me" or profile section.

Here are some tips to write an online profile or "about me" page.

Don't write too much

Often you don't have much space. Sometimes the space is limited to a number of characters (like on Twitter). So the first thing you need to do is decide what's important. People don't have much time to read long profiles, so decide what you need to tell them about yourself. For example, this can be what you do or where you study, your hobbies, where you live, your likes and dislikes, etc.

Be interesting!

Find interesting or unusual facts about yourself so that people remember you, and want to contact you.

For example:
"Mad about skydiving" is more interesting than "I like playing football".
"Five times karaoke champion" is more unusual than "I love singing".

Use abbreviations

Don't use long sentences. People often "skim read" online. (They read quickly to find important information, and don't read every word.)

Take out (= delete) personal pronouns and auxiliaries so people can read your profile quickly.

For example:
"Never missed a hometown football match" (rather than "I've never missed a hometown football match."
"Always happy to meet new people" (rather than "I'm always happy to meet new people".
"Visiting USA this year – Japan next year!" (rather than "I'm visiting the USA this year and Japan next year".)

You can also use punctuation to help you eliminate words.

"Mad about all sports – martial arts my favourite!" (Instead of "mad about all sports and martial arts are my favourite.")

Don't be too controversial

Strong religious or political beliefs can be too personal for an online forum. It's safer to stay with more general subjects in your profile.

Don't share private or confidential information

Be careful about your privacy. It's not a good idea to share your home address or phone number. If you are a member of lots of different forums, think about getting another email account that you can use only for these.

Some examples

An online profile

Want to know more about me? Here goes!

I'm a fun-loving extrovert – mad about extreme sports. Sky-diving and bungee jumping are my favourites. I want to make friends around the world to learn English and have fun!

A Twitter bio

Student of English at Madrid Uni. Love literature & film – follow me to chat & practise English!

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