Are You Too Stressed to Learn English?

Are You Too Stressed to Learn English?

We've all been in this situation. You start to learn a language and you see a new language rule which makes no sense to you - because it's so different from your own language.

These are some of the things that my English students have said when they come across something that doesn't make sense to them:

"Why aren't there masculine and feminine nouns in English? We have these in ... (Italian)

"Why can you use two tenses to mean the same thing?"

"Why don't you have one word which means the same thing as it does in my language?"

Don't fight the differences!

The problem is that if you spend more energy "arguing" that English is illogical - and not accepting that it's just different - you're going to feel frustrated. Learning English then becomes difficult, annoying and a chore.

So my advice is to "go with the flow". Accept that some rules are different (and might not make sense to you now) and accept that every language - not only English - has a certain amount of flexibility. There aren't always strict rules which you need to follow. The key is to be tolerant about ambiguity so that you can concentrate instead on immersing yourself in English and practising it as much as possible.

Here are three ways to feel less stressed when you learn English:

1. Relax

You can worry about the rules later. Just accept them for now and don't try to always translate into your own language.

2. Experiment with what you know

Try out your understanding of how a grammar rule or new word works. Try putting more than one thing together. Ask for feedback.

3. Feel free to make mistakes

It's only through mistakes that you really test your understanding. Make mistakes so that you get to know a new rule or how a new word works.

What do you think? What strategies would you advise someone to use when they learn a new language?

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  1. Vijay Shelar

    Ya, you are correct, I felt sometimes like this but now I am enjoying with learning English I am glad that I am hear thank

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