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Vocabulary Exercise: Word building

An easy way to increase your vocabulary is to use prefixes and suffixes before and after the word to make a new word. Check out our page on word building for examples.

Level: Elementary and above

1. In some countries it's __legal to drink alcohol.
2. She works for a __national company.
3. Oh no! I made a mistake. I'll have to __do all my work.
4. I __slept this morning and was late for work.
5. You can't go into a bar. You're __age.
6. He's got some great __workers.
7. I'm sorry, but I __agree with you.
8. Why don't we meet for __dinner drinks?
9. She's really __mature for her age.
10. They serve __sized portions of chips in that restaurant.
11. Her work is __standard.
12. She's a famous scient__
13. My brother is a music__
14. He's a tax account__
15. Loyal__ is important for friends.
16. The company has plans for expan__.
17. There's been an improve__ in the situation.
18. That politician is a commun__.
19. He's hope__ that he'll get the job.
20. She felt trapped in a love__ marriage so decided to leave her husband.

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It is great and fantastic.
The test is very interesting and useful
Justino Muchanga
Your quiz is a piece of cake. That's fantastic and very much interesting for practicing word building.

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